Why do we publish our Sustainable Business Report?

We publish this report to disclose the progress we have made towards our goal of building a more sustainable future. Since 2012, we have been documenting our sustainability journey because we believe in holding ourselves accountable by sharing our successes, our challenges and our constraints in a public, transparent and open manner.

We also publish this report because we believe that we have a duty to raise awareness of the sustainability challenges we face as a society and to ensure that these remain part of the discussion in Kenya and around the world.


Our network

We deliver our services through 5 314 network sites that provide 96% of the population with 2G coverage, 94% with 3G and 77% with 4G coverage.

Our partnerships

Our commitment to value-building is illustrated through our numerous relationships. We have 35.6m customers, 173 259 M-PESA agents, 440 dealers, 1 095 suppliers, 4 515 permanent employees as well as other stakeholders.


Consumer business

Enterprise business

Financial services

Support services

Technology, Corporate security, Corporate affairs, Business development, Customer operations, Human resources, Finance


Mobile data

Mobile broadband services


SMS and MMS services


Handsets, routers and other devices


Prepaid and post-paid voice call plans

Fixed services

Fixed, fibre and leased lines, wireless and hosted services


Mobile money transfer services

IoT Solutions

For M-PESA, mobile Money and payment services


Value for shareholders

Annual revenue 262.6 KSh billion

Please refer to our Annual Report for further detailed information about our financial performance.

Value for Kenyan society

Impact on society: 9 x Profit
KSh 74.7 billion PROFIT
Contribution to GDP 6%
Sustaining employment through wider
economic impact:
1 013 728 jobs in 2020

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goal