Offering job opportunities allows us to help integrate many talented and diverse population groups into the economy, ensuring that growth has a broad effect and is sustainable. Close collaboration between business units provides opportunities for the integration and sharing of ideas, knowledge and good practices.

Our value proposition to our employees is to offer a transformative experience throughout their entire journey working at Safaricom. The transformative experience is built upon inclusivity, equal opportunities for learning and career growth and unique reward propositions. We add value to our employees’ lives through humanness, trust, purpose and growth. Safaricom is an environment in which all employees have equal opportunity to be themselves and to belong.

  • As an employer, our values are:
  • We are diverse and inclusive
  • We offer dynamic workspaces
  • We offer unique wellbeing propositions
  • We are vibrant and fun
  • We strive to shape the future through innovation
  • We impact the community
  • We strive to support growth and learning opportunities


We are an equal opportunity employer, actively recruiting diverse staff from different backgrounds to reflect the communities we serve. We strive to create an environment in which employees are empowered to thrive, regardless of gender, disability, religion, race, age, thinking style or any other quality.