Our business partners are our agents, dealers and suppliers, on whom we rely both operationally and in terms of our reputation, since they help to drive transformation through our products and services. We have a tremendous opportunity to encourage sustainable practices throughout our business ecosystem, value chain and society at large by engaging with these partners. Our business partner network comprises 1,138 suppliers, 433 active dealers and 167,083 M-PESA agents.


Where in previous years our agents dealt mainly in airtime, data and M-PESA products, sometimes informally selling devices, in FY19 we have introduced formalised device sales and attendant sales targets.



  • increased availability of financing to agent head offices by onboarding Stanbic as a banking partner
  • doubled weekly financing issued to 1,600 agent head offices to KSh 1 billion
  • introduced close float monitoring by agents’ account managers


  • emphasised the importance of KYC, enforcing compliance by agent head offi ces, sub-agents and sub-agents’ assistants
  • invested in counterfeit currency detectors (UV lights) for M-PESA agent shops
  • security box incentive scheme, fi nancing 40% of the cost of CCTV cameras to combat fraud and theft. 1,260 cameras issued in FY19

Reward schemes

  • Stawisha Biashara (Enhance Your Business) promotion
  • enables agents to earn a point for every 1,000 transactions facilitated
  • Points can be redeemed by USSD for cash via their M-PESA accounts