Our broad customer base encompasses the full spectrum of individuals and organisations across Kenya. Our customers are split into consumer customers, individual purchasers of goods and services, and enterprise clientele, which include businesses of all sizes, ranging from small office/ home office (SOHO) businesses and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporate firms.


Our customer-centric approach, wherein we focus on user experience rather than network performance, is facilitated by customer experience management (CEM) software Crowdsourcing, a tool from Vodafone that collects user experience data such as signal level. The tool, which allows for granular assessment of user experience, uses information from customers who have had a poor experience to enable us to improve it.

In the year under review we faced pricing wars with our competitors. The harsh economic conditions of the fi rst half of the year, characterised by depressed credit growth and strained consumer budgets, made spending money on new products less of a priority.

We faced trust issues around mobile data usage and billing. Our customers felt their data resources were dwindling out of proportion to their usage, when in fact new technology demands higher rates of data usage as apps incorporate complex content such as video. We acknowledge our customers’ sentiments and experience, and have been able to design innovative, viable solutions to address these issues.

Following negative feedback from customers, we simplified our opt-out procedures to put them in control. For easy opt-out of premium rate subscriptions, we created the USSD string *456*20#, which has been used by two million customers to date. In addition, a unified opt-out for all marketing or promotional messages was enabled using the string *456*9*5#, giving customers control over the types of messages they receive.

Innovative Solutions and the Value Added to Customer Experience

My Data Usage

A feature of MySafaricom app that enables customers to track their data usage by various applications in their device.

Value Add: Expanded the scope of the tool to include our youth package, BLAZE, and Safaricom Platinum, making our data pricing more transparent.

Data Save is an additional feature of My Data Manager that allows customers to choose to watch video content in lower resolution, without compromising quality which makes data resources last longer.

Data bundle amnesty:
Customers are able to recover expired data bundle by buying a new bundle. The new bundle has a longer validity than the duration left on the bundle about to expire.