Our focus on the customer remains a key priority. We have restructured the business to make it more customercentric, which turned around our growth in the second half of the year.

Despite 2019 being a challenging year, we remained true to our purpose of transforming lives, maintaining our excellent track record on reducing inequalities.

Although there is much to be done, we are working towards achieving our target of a 50/50 gender split at senior management level by 2021, and we have begun conducting research into gender pay differentials. In the wider society, we are an equal-opportunities customer, support women-led businesses, as well as the work of differently-abled people, and the youth.

We continue to reduce inequalities and contribute to the economy by creating jobs, providing economic opportunities for all Kenyans through our products and services, and stimulating the wider ecosystem.

Our shared value partnerships reinforce our purposedriven approach to business and our commitment to transforming lives. Stakeholder engagement has enabled us to lead by example in areas such as social justice, sustainability, environmental responsibility and ethical business, and address inequalities in our supply chain.

In the near future, we will continue to focus on becoming the premier digital company in Kenya, integrating shared value across the business, building our customers’ trust in Safaricom, and being responsible stewards of the planet. All of this will be done in furtherance of our purpose: to transform lives.

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