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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016



During the year, we rolled out a new strategy for the organisation. We simplified our approach from seven strategic

objectives to just three: ‘Customer First’, ‘Relevant Products’ and ‘Operational Excellence’. The new strategy is a reflection of

both our growing maturity and sophistication as a company and an acknowledgement of areas of weakness.

We have entered a new, third phase as a growing communications company. The first phase was focused on the

development of the network. The second phase was centred on the creation of a plethora of interesting products

and services. In this third phase, we are refocusing our approach and, instead of starting with questions like ‘what is it

technologically possible to deliver?’, we are starting with our customers and asking ‘what do they need and want from us?’.

Bringing the customer inside the business

At the heart of our new ‘Customer First’ approach is more advanced segmentation. We have over 25 million customers of all

ages and backgrounds and so their needs are very diverse. In order to understand our customers and their different, specific

needs better, we have begun classifying and analysing them in much smaller groups or ‘segments’.


Designing relevant products

Instead of creating a product and then assessing which of our customers might want to use it, we have begun a process we

call ‘insighting’, through which we identify and understand the needs and challenges a specific customer segment faces,

and then we use this insight to design relevant products and services that meet those exact needs.

Removing internal barriers

These new products and services are then supported and delivered through ‘Operational Excellence’. This objective

requires us to assess every aspect of the business from the perspective of how well it is serving the customer and helping

to deliver quality experiences to them — throughout their ‘lifetime’ or journey as customers of Safaricom and through their

interactions at every one of our ‘touch points’, such as the call centre, retail shops and the website.