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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


The wide-reaching ‘Operational Excellence’ objective

of the new strategy includes: how well we design our

new products; how fast we deliver them to market; how

seamlessly we support these new products technologically;

how streamlined and efficient our internal processes

are; how tightly we are managing our costs; and how

consistently we are managing our distribution network

and the experiences customers have with our agents and


As part of this objective, we moved from ‘Best Network in

Kenya’ (BNK) to ‘Best Network for You’ (BNU). This migration

reflects our commitment to ensuring that each of our 25

million subscribers experiences network improvements

directly and personally. It also reminds us to focus network

improvements on the changing needs of individual


Restructuring the business

To reflect this new strategic approach and understanding,

the business was restructured during the year. Several

new departments were created, including Segments

Marketing, Customer Experience Excellence, Customer

Value Management and the Project Management Office.

As its name suggests, the Segments Marketing Department

features teams of marketing and product specialists that

are focused on gleaning insight about specific customer

groups. The Customer Experience Excellence Department

supports the new strategy by raising awareness of customer

experience responsibilities and challenges throughout

the business and setting targets for every team. The

Customer Value Management department ensures that

we understand the needs of our consumer and enterprise

customers and, in turn, that our customers are extracting

maximum value from our products and services. The Project

Management Office then coordinates the delivery of new

projects and ensures that each one is aligned to the new

strategy. We also created Regional teams to co-ordinate

the services we deliver in each region of the country,

allowing for faster, decentralised decision-making.

‘Operational Excellence’

requires us to assess every

aspect of the business from

the perspective of how well

it is serving the customer and

helping to deliver quality

experiences to them.