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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016



We aspire to use our products and services to transform

lives and contribute to sustainable living throughout Kenya.

Based on this fundamental aspiration, our vision sets out how

we use our ability to deliver connectivity and innovative

services to improve the quality of life and livelihoods of the

people we reach. Central to achieving this vision is our

commitment to managing our operations responsibly and


Communications technology is already an essential part of

most people’s lives and is transforming the world in which

we live. We believe that we can continue to grow our

business and enhance our brand by developing innovative,

commercially viable solutions that both support sustainable

development and improve the quality of life of Kenyans.

Our M-PESA mobile money transfer product, for instance,

has become a platform for a range of services that are

improving livelihoods.

As well as providing first time access to the internet for many

Kenyans, we continue to build on our work in areas such

as agriculture, education and health, where technology

is recognised as a critical tool that can make a significant

difference to people’s lives.

We also consider maintaining the trust of our stakeholders

and remaining accountable to them as vital to achieving

our vision. As a result, we are committed to retaining that

trust by managing our operations responsibly by keeping

our people safe, managing our environmental footprint,

protecting the privacy of our customers and conducting our

business in an ethical and transparent way.

Our vision is based upon the twin pillars

of responsible, ethical business and

transformational products and services:

“Sustainability and sustainability reporting is

much more than the set of procedures, policies

and business practices that constitute its parts,

it is a philosophy and set of values that guides

and defines decision making throughout the

company, and shapes our future positioning.”

Nicholas Nganga, Chairman and Non-Executive Director





Acting responsibly,

honestly and with

integrity is good for

business, good for

individuals and good

for society. We are

committed to the very

highest ethical standards

and promote a culture

that values personal and

corporate integrity.


technology has the

potential to transform

lives and societies.

We are committed to

developing innovative

products and services

that help our customers

realise this potential and

enjoy improved access

to essential services.

• Strong governance


• Ethics and anti-

corruption initiatives

• Business partner



• Corporate social


• Affordable and

relevant products &


• Financial inclusion

• Public sector support

• Innovation for social


We aspire to use our products

and services to transform lives

and contribute to sustainable

living throughout Kenya.