Safaricom Digital TV and Internet Box

We launched this product in December 2017. The main target audience is the Kenyan household. The product enables them to share basic internet through a Home Wi-Fi Hotspot, Entertainment and futuristic propositions like Smart homes in one box.

The Box supports both the connection via Fibre or 3G/4G. It currently retails at Shs5,999 for our Safaricom Home Fibre customers and Shs 9,999 to other customers.

The new improved box “STB LITE” (Google Certified) will be our Home Hub that will enable us to offer other services such as Home Entertainment (Safaricom TV), Smart Homes and E-Commerce.

44% of the boxes have been bought by Fibre To The Home customers with the balance sought out by other customers either in 3G/4G or by other Internet Service Providers. The new improved box offers access to endless entertainment, the ability for customers to download and stream favorite movie, music, TV and Gaming apps easily and conveniently as they would on a phone from the Android TV Playstore.

It comes preloaded with Showmax, iflix, Deutsche Welle, Gameloft, YouTube, and YouTube Kids with so much more to come. The box has a 32GB memory space and superior processing speeds that allows the customer to download and save their favorite movies, shows and stream at 4K quality.

One can stream from ShowMax, iflix, YouTube, Netflix and other Video on demand services. Besides this, the Safaricom Digital TV and Internet box allows for casting content from the phone or tablet, just the same as with the Google Chromecast.