Fixed Data – Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

We see demand for high-speed Internet growing rapidly as digitization of the country takes root. In line with this, investment in infrastructure remains a key area of focus for our business.

In FY18, fixed footprint surpassed 5,000 kilometres of fibre, up 19.3% YoY. The extra capacity unlocked by this investment will enable us accelerate market share gains in the fixed service.

We believe that investing in our infrastructure will not only reinforce our competitive position, it also represents a compelling opportunity to accelerate our revenue growth, generate attractive incremental returns and further improve our strategic position in the Kenyan market.

Safaricom continues to offer diversified products but related to our core mission, hence a HOME department was created to address the need. With this investment, our vision is far beyond the current year.Our eyes are set on the changing Kenyan home composition by serving the desire for internet democratization and flexible work and play plans for the new Discerning Professional category of customers.

We have 4 main categories of customer price points which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The price ranges from KES2,500 to KES9,999. We closed the year with a total of 141,700 homes passed in 6 towns. The total homes connected closed at 48,600 with penetration having grown from a low of 22% to 34%.

In our journey on growing the home proposition, we launched content play in partnership with Kwese, Showmax and iflix, among others. We continue to be on the lookout for more content partnerships that will make the Safaricom home proposition experience even better.