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safaricom annual report and financial statements 2018

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Chairman's Statement

Chairman's statement

Last year was a difficult period for businesses all over the country. According to official reports, Kenya’s economic growth slowed to 4.9 percent, fuelled by political uncertainty as the country dealt with the effects of a prolonged electioneering period.

CEO's Statement

Taarifa ya Mwenyekiti

Mwaka uliopita ulikuwa na changamoto tele kwa biashara nyingi kote nchini Kenya. Kwa mujibu wa ripoti za serikali, kiwango cha ukuaji wa uchumi wa Kenya kilishuka hadi asilimia 4.9. Hii ilitokana na wasiwasi wa kisiasa uliokuwepo taifa hili lilipokuwa linakumbana na athari za kipindi kirefu cha uchaguzi.

Chairmans Statement

CEO's statement

Safaricom exists to transform lives. This is our purpose; the driving force behind everything we do. It’s what guides us to deliver ourstrategy, which is founded on three pillars: putting the customer first, deliveringrelevant products and services, and enhancing operational excellence.

Chairmans Statement

Taarifa ya Mkurugenzi Mkuu

Safaricom ipo kwa ajili ya kubadilisha maisha ya watu. Hili ndilo lengo letu kuu; jambo linalotupa msukumo katika kila tunalolitenda. Ndilo jambo linalotuongoza na kutuelekeza katika kutekeleza mkakati wetu ambao una msingi wake katika nguzo tatu kuu, kupatia kipaumbele maslahi ya wateja wetu, kutoa bidhaa na huduma zinazofaa, na kuendesha shughuli zetu kwa njia bora zaidi.

Our Business Highlights

Safaricom PLC is a leading Kenyan communications company and leading digital innovator providing a wide range of communication services, including mobile, voice, messaging, data, financial and converged services with a vision to empower a connected society.

Our brand and reputation
Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Transforming lives.

Our brand promise

Our brand promise

Twaweza Speed, Simplicity, and Trust When we come together great things happen

Our Values

Our values

Speed, Simplicity, and Trust

Delivering the promise

Safaricom operates in a very dynamic market, which we expect to become even more vibrant as customer needs evolve and new entrants attempt to disrupt the status quo.We see great opportunities to leverage the power of mobile technology to transform lives in line with our brand purpose, and to become the purpose-driven, customer obsessed and insights-led business we envision – what we call the Safaricom Way.

Our brand and reputation
Our brand and reputation

Customer First

We are continually endeavouring to put our customers at the head of the table by investing in understanding their needs better and in tools and products that are designed to give them more choice and control over how they use our voice, data or value added resources on the network.

Our brand and reputation

Relevant Products

Over the last 18 years, we have evolved from a voice and text outfit to walk the extra mile in the digital journey in order to deliver cuttingedge products and services to our customers.

Our brand and reputation

Operational Excellence

In FY18, we continued to enhance our operational excellence in order to deliver best quality products and services. We have become more agile in our decision making in order to ensure that we are at the global cutting edge of mobile technology.