M-TIBA – An E-health Wallet

Two in five Kenyans fail to access medical treatment because they simply cannot afford it. This is a troubling statistic, and one that has led to preventable loss of lives.

Through the spirit of Twaweza, we have leveraged our partnerships and delivered access to quality, affordable healthcare through M-Tiba, a partnership with PharmAccess and Carepay.

Since launching M-Tiba, over one million Kenyans have subscribed to the mobile health wallet, receiving treatment in 400 medical facilities all over the country, and benefiting from over KES 200 million redeemed in claims so far.

Through this service, we are playing our part in safeguarding communities, ensuring that parents live to see their children grow, and that children have the chance to enjoy a better quality of life.

As we set sights on new horizons, we have continued our efforts to diversify the business to support revenue generated by voice and SMS.