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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016



Our network is core to our business. The quality and availability of our network is an essential part of our business since all of

the services we provide to our customers are delivered through the network platform. Our network allows us to differentiate

ourselves in a highly competitive market and is the medium through which we transform lives.

Best Network …. for You

In response to the new company strategy, we have undergone a major change in approach and mindset this year.

Previously, we were a network orientated, technology-led company, but now we are heavily focused on what our users are

actually experiencing.

As part of our strategic shift, we revamped and relaunched our Best Network in Kenya (BNK) programme as Best Network for

You (BNU). The revamped programme reflects our move towards delivering an experience that is even more tailored to the

specific needs and requirements of individual customers. Our areas of special focus for the year were improving the quality

of voice calls and mobile data speeds in urban areas and providing rural customers with better broadband coverage.

New app reveals customer experience

Perhaps the most prominent example of our customer-centric strategy is the new NetPerform app. The free application

allows customers to monitor signal strength and network speeds, mobile data usage and Wi-Fi performance. It also enables

them to manage the overall performance of their device by monitoring how much data other apps are using and storing.

The app is also zero-rated so customers are not charged for any data consumed while using NetPerform.

The NetPerform app also helps us improve our network and service to customers. It collects user experiences (poor quality

and dropped calls etc.) anonymously and uploads this information to a centralised location where it is combined and

analysed to provide us with a detailed picture of overall network performance. Trends and issues can be identified swiftly

and this information enables us to make targeted improvements.