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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


Staff ethics training

Every member of staff is expected to attend ethics training at least once a year. Most of the training is undertaken through

face-to face-sessions and supplemented by e-learning courses. The awareness training is tailored to address the specific

ethics risks faced by the attendees. For high corruption-risk departments, the training focuses on anti-corruption and bribery.

Anti-corruption preventative measures




Ethics and anti-corruption staff training (% of total staff)




High risk departments*




Medium risk departments




* Due to the nature of their work, these departments are more susceptible to fraud

We set an ethics training attendance target of 97% for the year and are pleased to be able to report that we achieved a

98% attendance rate, an improvement of 4% on FY15. We were able to do this by incorporating the training sessions within

existing meetings across the business, promoting our e-learning courses to employees unable to attend the face-to-face

sessions, and because there has been a noticeable increase in the number of requests for ethics awareness training from

teams across the business, which could be attributed to a growing appreciation of the topics covered during the sessions.

Business partner ethics training

While we have also been making good progress in terms of promoting ethical business practices and principles throughout

our value chain and the wider business ecosystem in Kenya, we acknowledge that the situation is far from ideal.

It is no secret that corruption is rampant in Kenya, with reports suggesting that as many as one in three Kenyan companies

has paid a bribe to win a contract and the country is ranked 139


out of the 168 countries listed in the Transparency

International 2015 corruption index.

Consequently, this has been an area of sustained, consistent focus for us. We planned to offer ethics management training

to 80% of our dealers and our top 200 suppliers during the year, yet managed to extend our reach using newsletters and

other initiatives to over 400 suppliers and almost all of our dealers and MPESA principles.

Two of the posters from the ‘I do the right thing’ campaign