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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


Last year, we began requiring all new business partners to sign up to the Code of Ethics for Businesses in Kenya during the

onboarding process. This year we expanded this requirement to all of our suppliers. We hosted a supplier forum breakfast,

during which we raised awareness of the Code and encouraged existing suppliers to sign up. To date, 269 or 81% of suppliers

with running contracts have signed up.

We also hosted an Anti-Corruption Conference in partnership with the UN Global Compact Network Kenya in December

2015. Opened by the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, the event brought together over 400 high-level representatives

from the private sector, government, international organisations, civil society and the media to discuss the critical role of

the private sector in stemming the tide against corruption and the importance of all stakeholders — public, private and

civil society — to unite against corruption. (For further information about this event and the work of Safaricom CEO, Bob

Collymore, as a member of the UNGC Anti-Corruption Working Group, please see the ‘Society’ report on page 70.


Ensuring that we remain compliant with regulatory requirements is necessary, not only to make sure that we are operating

in a lawful manner and to the correct standards, but also to avoid exposure to the remedial measures available to the

regulators, such as onerous fines, non-financial sanctions and, ultimately, the revoking of our operational licence

Our response to this is primarily managed by assessing our processes against applicable laws to ensure that we are

compliant and reviewing the effect of changes in legislation on our internal processes. We also proactively engage with our

regulators on all issues through a variety of channels (please see the Stakeholders section on page 72 of this report for further

information about this important relationship).

Non-compliance register




Number of fines for non-compliance




Cost of fines for non-compliance (KSh)




Non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance




Legal actions lodged for anti-competitive behaviour





Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Quality of Service (QoS) fine

Escalated actions lodged before the Competition Authority (outcome pending)

Along with every other mobile network operator in Kenya, we were fined by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA)

again this year. The CA is mandated by government to ensure that operators are delivering services of an adequate quality

and, accordingly, the CA tests every operator against eight Quality of Service (QoS) measures it has developed on annual

basis. Operators that fail to meet any of these criteria are fined. The results of these tests are made available to the public

and published on its website.

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking about the need for the government and the private sector to fight together in the ‘war against corruption’ at the 17


Working Group

of the 10


Principle against Corruption and International Anti-Corruption Conference in Nairobi, December 2015.