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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


In terms of energy-efficiency, it was also a year of maintaining the

impetus and initiatives of the previous year. Our target for the year

was KSh 51,000 per month or less per site and we achieved this by

continuing to deploy a wide range of energy-efficient solutions,

including power cube generators, Low-voltage Auto Phase Selectors

(APS), free cooling units, and replacing rectifier and smart controller


Looking ahead

As we continue to embed our new customer-centric approach

through the Best Network for You (BNU) programme, we have set

ourselves the Network NPS target of a minimum seven-point lead over

our nearest competitor for consumer customers and a 10-point lead

for enterprise customers. We will also be focusing on launching initia-

tives that will reduce customer calls to the call centre by 30%, over a

period of 3 years, and plan to be able to announce and exciting new

e-commerce expansion to the M-PESA platform. We will still continue

to measure our network quality through the independent P3 bench-

mark testing and have set ourselves the target of improving our overall

score to 650/1000.

Other network quality targets for the year ahead include: extending

2G coverage to 96% of the total population and 3G to 82% of the

total population; achieving a 20% improvement in network stability (a

maximum of 15 minutes of downtime per week per network element,

in terms of the Radio Access Network); realising 30% cost savings in re-

sponse to the excellence in operations strategic objective and a 30%

reduction in the time required to get products to market.

As previously reported, many of our equipment supplier contracts

came to an end during FY15. This has presented us with a wonderful

opportunity to research and review the very latest technologies and

solutions available, but it has also delayed the introduction of new

projects, such as our renewable energy programmes. We are still busy

with this process, but intend to complete our selections and onboard

the right partners and solutions during this coming year.



Partner with KPLC to deliver commercial

power to rural homes at 400 sites and

achieve an 80% saving on energy cost at

targeted sites.


Expand our network by rolling out the

following sites:

• Small Cell


83 sites

• In-Building Sites (IBS) 2G


25 sites

• 4G


100 sites