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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


Looking ahead

Customer awareness will remain an area of focus in the

year ahead, as we continue to embed the new company

strategy. We intend to conduct nationwide awareness

campaigns to alert customers to the common fraud

schemes used by crime syndicates and to offer advice on

steps they can take to prevent being defrauded.

In conjunction with raising customer awareness of potential

fraudulent activity, we are also planning heightened

monitoring of suspicious activity on the M-PESA platform

and to introduce new Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and

Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) measures.

Next year will also see us intensify our efforts in the fight

against corruption. In partnership with the UNGC, we

intend to forge even closer ties with likeminded Kenyan

companies and to support the Government of Kenya in

its endeavours. As well as sharing experiences and lessons

learnt with larger organisations, we will begin training

medium and smaller companies on good governance and

anti-corruption best practices. We will also continue to insist

that suppliers commit to the Code of Ethics for Businesses in




Zero sanctions for unethical

conduct/breach of licence

obligations on ethical issues.


Detect, investigate and report

suspicious M-PESA transactions

within seven days.


Including Heads of Departments

in bribery and corruption training

sessions and rolling out bribery and

anti-corruption KPIs to all members

of staff.

* FY17 refers to our upcoming ‘Financial Year’ for

2017, which covers the period of 01 April 2016 to

31 March 2017.