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Our anniversary celebrations were an ideal opportunity for us to renew our commitment to customers as we usher in our third decade of growth.Through a brand campaign dubbed ‘Twende Tukiuke’ – a call to go beyond what is thought possible – we showcased the power of mobile technology in transforming lives.

Twende Tukiuke comes from the word ‘kiuka’, with the action being ‘tukiuke’. When we say Twende Tukiuke we mean ‘let’s break barriers’, ‘go beyond the norm’, ‘take a leap’. We are inviting you to go above and beyond for the life, community and country we all deserve, with Safaricom as the silent partner cheering you on.

Over the last 20 years, we have always been a supporter and enabler of your dreams. Now the future is ours to create and Safaricom will always be there FOR YOU.

In October 2020, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. It has been a beautiful journey of transforming lives, now we want to go beyond!

In the past two decades, Safaricom has grown from a telecommunication service provider into a technology company. We have grown to be more than just a mobile service provider, morphing into a digital lifestyle enabler leveraging on technology driven by our purpose: To transform lives. Our customers have been a key part of this journey. They have shown confidence in us and supported us in the 20 years we have served them. We are very grateful for that confidence and continue to go beyond to earn it. Last year, we made a new commitment, to be there for them in a Simple, Transparent and Honest manner. While this has been the case, we are committing to make it better through elevating their customer experience and adequately meeting our customer’s needs.

The next phase of Safaricom’s growth will be driven by our vision to become a purpose-led technology company by 2025. We are cognisant that technology and a data-driven economy can further support Kenya’s economic growth and these will be our launchpad for the next 20 years. This will see us continue our innovation tradition and simplify our products and services in line with our FOR YOU brand promise.

Safaricom will continue to support the growth of SMEs and Micro-SMEs, which are the engines of economic growth in our country, by offering enhanced financial services and connectivity solutions. We plan to go beyond to new frontiers, be more present, more world-class and enable new platforms to launch our SMEs into greater possibilities.

Safaricom’s products and services play a central role in the daily lives of nearly 40 million customers. With such a huge customer base under our wings, our purpose has always been to continue transforming lives through delivering connectivity and innovative services that can truly improve the quality of life and the livelihood of every person the Company reaches.