Safaricom PLC is a purpose-led technology company providing a wide range of services and solutions, including mobile voice, messaging, data, financial and converged services, and digital services that enable platforms and ecosystem partnerships.
Our purpose – Why we exist
To transform lives
Our vision – Where we are going
We are a purpose-led technology company that uses innovation to drive social and social-economic empowerment in society
Our way – How we need to do it
Speed, Simplicity and Trust
Our business model
The foundation of our growth is the sustained investment we make, centred around customer experience
Our brand promise – Becoming a better company | Simple. Transparent. Honest. FOR YOU
Simple in how we reach out to you
Transparent in what we deliver to you
Honest in what we say to you

Our brand promise is designed to inspire trust and belief in our brand in our customers. It is indicative of who we are, what we do and what differentiates us from the competitor. It embodies the experience that our customers can expect to get from us. It is built on authenticity across all units of our brand.

Safaricom promises the economically conscious Kenyans that they can count on us for value that resonates with their lifestyles while providing structure to their world through innovative products and services to better themselves, delivered with Simplicity, Transparency and Honesty.

With this brand promise, Safaricom positions itself as a trustworthy lifestyle brand that is about much more than just providing the technology to keep people connected.