Stakeholder Engagement


The reason we exist and vital to our sustainability, our customers drive us to be more innovative and efficient as we seek better ways of servicing their needs.

We are delighted to be able to report that we have grown to 25.2 million customers in total this year, which represents an increase of 7.8% from the previous year. Our broad customer base encompasses the full spectrum of individuals and organisations across Kenya.


At the heart of all of our strategic and operational success, our employees are the engine that drives our growth and ensures that we achieve our objectives.

Overall, our employees are still young, dynamic Kenyans, with 67% of our workforce in their 30’s, 13% still in their 20’s and 85% of our workforce employed in Nairobi.

Business Partners

The visible ‘face’ of Safaricom, our partners are the suppliers, dealers and agents with whom our customers interact.

Our business partners include suppliers, dealers and agents. We rely heavily on our partners from both an operational perspective and also in terms of our reputation. We also understand that we can play an important role in encouraging sustainable practices throughout our business ecosystem and value chain by engaging with our partners in this regard.


Our shareholders provide us with the capital and oversight that supports our growth and continued success.

While the overall shareholding structure hasn’t changed, we have noticed a decline in retail shareholders and an increase in corporate shareholders within the ‘free float’, especially local companies. The following chart presents the movements in proportions of our shareholder categories from March 2015 to March 2016.


Kenya society provides us with a conducive environment within which to operate and a marketplace for our products and services.

Our society is, first and foremost, the Kenyan people and then the broader regional and global community in which we operate. We take pride in being a responsible corporate member of Kenyan society and remain committed to working closely with Kenyans to be a respected and empowering contributor to the social and economic landscape of the country.


Our regulators provide us with independent feedback, supervision and direction.

Regulatory bodies are the means through which the people of a nation can supervise the activities of organisations like companies and the fundamental goal of any regulator is to protect the safety and interests of the public. We are overseen by eight regulatory authorities in particular and our chief regulator is the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).


The media provides us with a platform through which we can communicate with our customers.

The media play an important role in society through providing a platform for discussion and debate. They are also an important stakeholder of ours as they provide us with a channel through which we can communicate with our other stakeholders, such as our customers.