Our Business

About Safaricom

A brief summary of who we are, how we are structured and our key metrics.

Safaricom Limited (Safaricom) is an integrated communications company, providing voice, data and financial (mobile money) products and services to consumers, businesses and public sector clients. We have over 25 million customers and annual revenues in excess of KSh 195 billion. We operate solely in Kenya and our headquarters are located at Safaricom House in Nairobi..

Our Business Model

Our business model explains how we operate and how execute our strategy and achieve our vision of transforming lives.

Safaricom remains the largest mobile operator in Kenya serving over 25 million customers. Our services include mobile and fixed voice, messaging, data, internet and M-PESA, a mobile-based money transfer and cashless payment platform. Our goal remains to transform lives with unmatched, innovative and superior products and services that meet the needs of Kenyans.

Our Strategy

The principles and objectives that are guiding us towards our sustainability goals.

During the year, we rolled out a new strategy for the organisation. We simplified our approach from seven strategic objectives to just three: ‘Customer First’, ‘Relevant Products’ and ‘Operational Excellence’. The new strategy is a reflection of both our growing maturity and sophistication as a company and an acknowledgement of areas of weakness.

The true value we have created

Our contribution to Kenyan society and the wider economy.

We create value for all of our stakeholders through the products and services that we make available. A portion of this is monetized through income generated for the company. Although appreciated and recognised by internal and external stakeholders alike, the value contribution we make to the economy, society and environment in Kenya is significantly more than this.