Executive Summary
The Year in Review

Our most significant challenges and areas of progress during the year.

Our vision is to use our ability to deliver connectivity and innovative services to improve the quality of life and the livelihood of every person we reach.

Central to achieving this vision is our continuing commitment to managing our operations responsibly and ethically.
We believe that these two commitments — to transform lives and to operate in a responsible and ethical manner — are fundamental to our continued success and our duty to our shareholders.

Message from the Chairman
As Chairman of the Board, it is my great pleasure to present to you our fifth sustainability report. This year felt like the start of the next phase in our sustainability journey. We embarked upon an inspiring, fundamentally different strategic course and there were tough times when things didn’t happen as smoothly as planned, as well as the heady highs of achievements that exceeded our highest expectations and standards.

CEO’s review

Our goal of transforming lives is the nexus at which our commitment to sustainability and our commitment to commercial success meets. We do not see these as separate objectives, but as two sides of the same coin. We cannot continue to transform lives if we are not commercially sustainable and, equally, we are unlikely to be able to transform lives in a meaningful, lasting manner if we focus solely on profits and dividends.