Our Material Matters

Governance, Risk and Regulation

Upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and acting in an ethical manner makes business sense.

We ensure that Safaricom is run in an ethical, transparent and accountable manner by having robust governance processes and structures in place, along with explicit guiding principles and clear lines of responsibility. This minimises the risk of corruption and fraud, which, in turn, bolsters the reputation and trust we enjoy, strengthens employee morale and engagement, and improves stakeholder sentiment and interest.

Network Quality

Our network is core to our business. It allows us to differentiate ourselves in a competitive market and is the medium through which we transform lives.

In response to the new company strategy, we have undergone a major change in approach and mindset this year. Previously, we were a network orientated, technology-led company, but now we are heavily focused on what our users are actually experiencing.


Innovation is central to achieving our strategic objectives, retaining our competitive edge and ensuring that we continue to grow.

As a technology-based company, if we are not constantly innovating, we are, effectively, stagnating and losing ground. Many of our customers are quick to embrace new developments, becoming ever more sophisticated and demanding, and each generation expects to accomplish more. If we do not keep up with customer sophistication, we run the risk of losing market share and revenue.

Environmental Responsibility

We understand that we have an impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to mitigate our negative environmental impacts.

We understand the importance of sustainable business practices. We consider the effects of our activities on natural resources and the environment and try to minimise these effects. We also recognise that responsible and effective environmental management offers a host of benefits, including financial savings from reduced waste generation and efficient energy consumption, easier compliance with environmental legislation, increased staff morale and pride, and improved customer relations.