Assisting the media with their important task

The media play an important role in society through providing a platform for discussion and debate. They are also an important stakeholder of ours as they provide us with a channel through which we can communicate with our other stakeholders, such as our customers.
Accordingly, we need to make sure that the relevant members of the media are presented with the right facts and information and that significant issues are identified and fully explained so that topics and events are reported in an accurate and balanced manner. We maintain good working relationships with a wide variety of media representatives to ensure that our voice is also heard on pertinent issues and to help provide information and guidance topics that are related to our areas of expertise.
We liaise with members of the media to ensure:

  •  Issues are reported in an accurate and balanced manner
  •  Our perspective is included when pertinent issues are discussed
  •  Our reputation and brand is protected and maintained

Our interactions with members of the media are guided by our charter, which commits us to ‘continuously and proactively engaging with the media in a factual, speedy and honest way, in order to participate in informing public opinion actively’. We will take a lead role in building industry knowledge among various media groups and also