Who are our employees?

Overall, our employees are young, dynamic Kenyans, with 70% of our workforce in their 30s, 16% still in their 20s and 85% of our workforce are based in Nairobi. On the whole, our staff complement is pretty evenly split between men and women, although the number of women in more senior management positions remains relatively low.

In general, employee morale appears high and our staff appear to be happy with employment conditions at the company and motivated or engaged with their work. We assess this every year through our ‘People Survey’ and the results remain positive. The following table discloses our employee and line manager engagement indexes. The employee engagement index measures these four aspects: pride in working for Safaricom; personal levels of motivation; overall happiness with the working environment; and intention to stay with the company.




Focus areas for the year ahead

From an employee perspective, the new corporate strategy for FY16 focuses on achieving operational excellence by assisting staff to expand their skills and capabilities. Consequently, much of our focus will be on consolidating the enhancements that have been made during the year. The newly launched Career Path Framework, for example, represents a significant step forward for us as an organisation and we will continue to embed this new approach in the year ahead; similarly, we will continue to establish and raise awareness of the Safaricom Academy Portal as an important means of expanding employee self-learning and skills development. Another area of focus will be learnerships and the Safaricom Discover Programme, through which we aim to develop a pool of enthusiastic young talent that will help us transform into the even more agile and customer-centric organisation the new strategy has envisaged.

Employees by age bracket (%)

employees by age bracket