Specific Standard Disclosures

The Material Matters and corresponding KPIs reported are Safaricom specific (not GRI G4 Generic Aspects and KPIs), unless otherwise

Material MatterG4 Specific Standard DisclosuresDisclosure DescriptionReference
Governance, Risk and RegulationG4 - DMA
Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA): Governance, Risk and Regulation

Governance, Risk and Regulation- Management Approach (Page 22-24)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Anti-Corruption Monitoring Measures
- Risk Assessments (number)
- Fraud Reviews (number)
- Audit Reviews (number)
- Special Request Reviews (number)
Governance, Risk and Regulation- (Page 25)
Anti-Corruption Corrective Measures
- Fraud cases investigated (number)
- Outcomes of Investigations (number)
Governance, Risk and Regulation- (Page 26)
Anti-Corruption Preventative Measures
- Ethics and anti-corruption staff training (% of total staff)
Governance, Risk and Regulation- (Page 26)
Non-Compliance Register
- Number of fines for non-compliance
- Cost of fines for non-compliance
- Non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance
- Legal actions lodged for anti-competitive behaviour
Governance, Risk and Regulation- (Page 22)
Network QualityG4 - DMA
Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA): Network Quality

Network Quality- Management Approach (page 28-30)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Network Coverage (landmass and population) (%)Network Quality- (page 28)
Network energy failure rate (%)Network Quality- (page 28)
Cost of energy consumption by site (Ksh per month)Network Quality- (page 28)
Summarised results of the independent testing and evaluation of our network (P3)Network Quality- (page 29)
Base Station by type (total)Network Quality- (page 30)
Average dropped call rate (%)Network Quality- (page 30)
Investment in our fiber network (km and connections)Network Quality- (page 30)
% of modernised 2G-enabled base stationsNetwork Quality- (page 31)
Bringing M-PESA homeNetwork Quality- (page 31)
Network energy sources by site (total at year end)Network Quality- (page 32)
InnovationG4 - DMA
Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA): Innovation

Innovation- Management Approach (page 35-36)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Mobile Data Usage Growth
- Mobile Date Revenue (Ksh billion)
- Mobile Data Customers (number)
- Appstore downloads (daily average)
Innovation (page 36)
Net Promoter Score
- Consumer- overall
- Youth
Brand Equity
- Youth
Innovation (page 37)
M-PESA continuing to drive financial Inclusion
- M-PESA revenue (Ksh billion)
- M-PESA customers (number)
Innovation (page 38)
Social Innovation ProjectsInnovation (page 39)
Environmental ImpactG4 - DMA
Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA): Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact - Management Approach (page 40-41
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Energy consumption (Electricity & Diesel)Environmental Impact (page40)
Water consumption
(G4- EN8)
Environmental Impact (page 40)
Carbon Footprint : Scope 1, 2 and 3 (tonsCO2e)
(G4- EN15,16,17)
Environmental Impact (page 42)
E-waste collected (tonnes)Environmental Impact (page 42)
Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits (number)Environmental Impact (page 43)