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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016



We hope that our report has presented you with a satisfying

and meaningful overview of the role sustainability plays in our

day-to-day operations and business practices. Through this

report, we have tried to describe what sustainability means

to us, how it unties us as an organisation, how it governs us

internally and how it guides us externally.

We publish an annual sustainability report as a tangible

expression our commitment to transform lives and to operate

in a responsible and ethical manner. It is also a reflection of

our belief in holding ourselves accountable and sharing our

successes, challenges and constraints in a public, transparent

and open manner.

This report is also an explicit responsibility of our continued

membership of the UN Global Compact Network Kenya

(GCNK) and an expression of our enthusiastic adherence to

the principles enshrined in the Code of Ethics for Business in


An exciting opportunity

From a sustainability perspective, an exciting recent

development has been the launch of the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The successors to the

Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs are an articulation

of how we can work together to end poverty, protect the

planet and ensure prosperity for all.

“It was not obvious how a

Goal like ‘Good jobs and

economic growth’ could relate

with my role at Safaricom,

but after reasoning about it

with the team, I realised that

I can make a difference by

ensuring that we adhere to

good labour practices amongst

suppliers in Kenya. This work has

encouraged me to connect

deeper with the purpose of my

job and has really boosted my


Samuel Ngugi

Senior Supply Chain Manager