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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


This process has begun in earnest and one of the outcomes is an enhanced purpose statement for the business that aligns

our vision of transforming lives, new business strategy and material matters with the SDG objectives. Much of the early work

in this process has been to convert the SDGs from a list of noble ideals into a set of tangible, meaningful and realistic daily

objectives for us as a company. We look forward to sharing our discoveries and progress in this regard in our report next year.

“We are aware integrating sustainability is an uncertain journey

of which we have just begun. Our success so far has been

underpinned by the effort we have put in towards engaging in

open conversations across board with our colleagues in order to

bring the SDGs closer to our business.”

Stephen Chege

Director of Corporate Affairs

We value your views and feedback on our sustainability reporting. Please share any comments, queries or suggestions you

have with the reporting team by emailing

Adopted in September 2015, we believe that the SDGs offer us a way of embedding sustainability into our thinking and even

further into the core of the business.


We commit to

deliver connectivity and innovative (Goal 9)

products and services that will provide unmatched

solutions to meet the needs of Kenyans by

enabling access (Goal 10)

through our technologies and

partners (Goal


and by exploring opportunities in

Health (Goal 3)


Education(Goal 4)


Energy (Goal 7)

. We will do so by

managing our operations

responsibly (Goal 12)


ethically (Goal 16)

. This wil


stimulate growth


generate value

(Goal 8)

for our company, society and economy.