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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


Another area of focus will be managerial and leadership

development, we intend to develop our people managers

to embrace better ways of communicating using our new

digital collaboration tools and social media. This will drive our

engagement index and create a conducive working climate

for our staff and, by 31


March 2017, 80% of our managers are

expected to have been developed.

We will also introduce new leadership and management

development programmes to cut across all levels and embed

a new way of leadership to embrace the people-centric

culture. One example of these will be the introduction of

coaches for all leaders, which will greatly help in embedding

a coaching culture within the company, leading to higher

people engagement and productivity levels.

We will also be focusing on developing the right capabilities

to ensure a continuous transformation towards customer

focus through: Consumer Marketing; CARE Programmes;

Segment Marketing; and Digital and Brand Trainings. These

initiatives are expected to drive our NPS to meet the business

target of being number one in NPS with a lead margin of

seven points or more.



Ensure that >60% of employees

have normal BMI scores.


Ensure gender parity in every

division (50% female employees).


Introduce a Gender-based

violence policy and implement

company-wide training.


Achieve 100% on submissions of

risk treatment plans for all high

risk contracts for main and sub-



Increase the number of Asian hires

and enrich their career experience

in a corporate environment.

All Divisions to have at least 2

Kenyan Asians working full-time (or