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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016


Among the applications we continued to develop during the year were the following:




Fertilizer E-subsidy

Shupavu 291

El Ni


o flood warning



M-Tiba is a

health payment

application or

‘e-wallet’ that

enables low

income earners to

save towards their

healthcare expenses

and helps donors

to target funds

accurately and


An SMS and USSD-

based information

platform that

helps citizens learn

about the roles and

responsibilities of

local government

and to exchange

information and

ideas with local

politicians. Citizens

can subscribe to the

service and receive

civic education

content and county

government alerts

free of charge.

Enables small-holder

farmers to access

government fertilizer

subsidies directly

using an e-voucher.

A partnership with

the Ministry of

Agriculture, Livestock

and Fisheries and

the National Cereals

and Produce Board.

A partnership with Eneza

Education, Shupavu

291 is an SMS and

USSD-based education

platform that enables

students to take quizzes,

search subjects to study,

and access Wikipedia

summaries without an

internet connection.

Through the service,

teachers and parents

can check reports

on individual student

performance and school

performance via SMS.

The service also includes


feature, through which

students can ask

questions remotely to a

live teacher. Students

can register for the

service by dialing *291#.

A pilot to measure

the effectiveness of

using sms to send early

warning information.

Done in conjuction with

Kenya Redcross Society.

Areas of Focus

Flood prone regions:

Tana delta, Garissa,

Malindi, Kwale, Garsen,

Budalangi, Western



M-Tiba has been on

trial for the last nine

months at 44 clinics

in Nairobi, reaching

10,000 beneficiaries.

In the future, M-Tiba

will be linked to

all 16+ million

M-PESA customers

and will grow to

include value-adds

like savings and


Currently piloting the

service in 5 counties

and have 89,748

subscribers to date.

20,822 farmers have

already redeemed

29,904 bags of

fertilizer. The goal

is to provide the

service to between 3

and 5 million farmers.

Officially launched on

31 March 2016, the app

currently has 620,000


During the El Niño rains,

communities living along

the Tana River Basin

(mainly Garissa in North

Eastern province and

Tana River) received

messages warning them

of floods due to hydro-

electric dam offload.

The engagement was

successful as most

community members

moved to higher areas

and this helped avert

losses both in human

lives and property.