2019 Sustainable Business Report

SAFARICOM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS REPORT 2019 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CONCLUDING REMARKS 6 Impact on the Economy Total Customers Staff likely to recommend Safaricom as a great place to work Contribution to GDP financial profit of KSh 62.5b Service Revenue Growth percentage of female employees in workforce Percentage of female employees in senior management Network NPS (Net Promoter Score) Women Owned Businesses pre-qualified under our Women in Business initiative (KSh billion) 7% year-on-year growth (ahead of Kenyan GDP growth) M-PESA DigiFarm Dismissals for fraud M-PESA Customers* additional customers in FY19 additional 300,000 farmers since FY18 Percentage of the workforce that is differently-abled Customer Satisfaction M-PESA Global Mobile Data Customers* Net Promoter Score down from 72 in FY18 (KSh 101 billion) of all diaspora remittances 1 sent through M-PESA Fuliza overdrafts processed per second * 30-day active customers 31.8m 18 94% 80 6.3% TRUE VALUE 9.6x 240 50% 34% 178 22.6m 2.1m 1m farmers 2.1% 18.8m 37.3% 12 61 +7.7% -3% -0.2% +7% -43 +10.2% +2% +8pts -11pts +0.4% +6.4% 3.2% of total spend 0% Our People Our Customers and Ecosystem FY19 YEAR IN REVIEW This section highlights our most significant challenges and areas of progress during the 2019 financial year (FY19). Any changes in performance are indicated against FY18 performance for year-on-year comparison. 1. International money transfers remitted from outside Kenya, mostly by Kenyans living abroad.