2019 Sustainable Business Report

SAFARICOM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS REPORT 2019 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CONCLUDING REMARKS 7 Impact on the Environment Financial Results Our Infrastructure Water Consumption (L) additional 8,378 litres due to new Customer Care office in Eldoret Cumultative Fibre Optic Footprint additional 1,231km in FY19 Residential Homes connected to Fibre Optic Network 2G Coverage 3G Coverage 4G Coverage Enterprise Buildings passed by our Fibre Optic Network Businesses connected to Fibre Optic Network Transactions per second (TPS), up from 900 in FY18 99,827 6,700km 107,762 96% 93% 57% 2,424 5,992 1,200 +9.2% +23% 0% +7% +502 +22% 2G 3G 4G Carbon emissions (tCO 2 e) increase of 2,024 tCO 2 e 65,708 +3.2% Solar and hybrid rolled out Clean power 91sites Recyclable/Organic Waste Collected (kg) 258,250 217 tonnes collected in FY19 increase of 59,114 since FY18 E-waste collected to date (tonnes) 1,072 All figures quoted in KSh billion 2 Earnings Before Interest and Taxes Net Income M-PESA Voice Service (incoming & outgoing) Messaging Free Cash Flow Mobile Data Fixed Service Service Revenue 89.0 95.8 19.6 62.5 75.0 63.1 36.3 8.1 239.8 Universal Service Fund activity expanded mobile network coverage for 238,082 people M-PESA Cumulative total of 246 2. These financial results reflect the adoption of IFRS 15 standards. Please refer to Safaricom Annual Report for further details on financial performance.