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Safaricom Sustainability Report 2016





down by



as a result of our

fixed data services,

but we plan to

address this in FY17

by intensifying

the rollout of our


(FTTB) programme.

3 Fatalities

We take our responsibility to maintain a

safe working environment for staff and

contractors very seriously and regret to

report three fatalities this year:

two contractors and a third party


Slow progress

in water

and waste


We were

fined 0.1% of our Gross Annual Revenue


by the Communications Authority of Kenya

for not complying with its quality of service (QOS) thresholds.

We failed to implement

the recommendations of

either the independent

assessment of our water

footprint or the internal

audit of the solid waste

streams of our main

facilities conducted in

FY15. We plan to do so in

the year ahead.

KSh 157 million