What is Twende Tukiuke?

Twende Tukiuke comes from the word ‘kiuka’, with the action being ‘tukiuke’. When we say Twende Tukiuke we mean ‘let’s break barriers’, ‘go beyond the norm’, ‘take a leap’. We are inviting you to go above and beyond for the life, community and country we all deserve, with Safaricom as the silent partner cheering you on.

Over the last 20 years, we have always been a supporter and enabler of your dreams. Now the future is ours to create and Safaricom will always be there FOR YOU


1. Safaricom brought us all together to champion the greatest of all time, and for sure, Kipchoge alikiuka!

2. Mama boi alianza na duka ya Mpesa, kidogo kidogo akaexpand biashara na kwa juhudi zake akakiuka zaidi. Hii mtaa, yeye ndio kusema sekta ya wholesale.

TWENDE TUKIUKE. Let’s go beyond!

Tukiuke Stories


"African traditional recipes never disappoint, hence our launch of Chibundiro; A food seasoning brand. The name “Chibundiro” was borrowed from the Mijikenda community and means mortar and pestle. My main motivation comes from achieving the authentic African taste using locally sourced produce.After lots of research and testing on an idea that was born in my kitchen, we scaled up production and now we do deliveries to individual and business clients through e-commerce. As a growing brand, Chibundiro aims to keep improving family health while empowering local farmers."

Anzazi kiti of Taste Afrique
safaricom Tukiuke


“My story began when I got into a bicycle accident in 2007. I stayed out of work for a whole year, and that for me sparked the idea to start a repair shop in my neighbourhood. My experience had taught me the importance of cyclists safety and I wanted to apply this in my business. Over time passers-by noticed my good workmanship and recommended other bike owners to visit the shop. My clients come from around Nairobi and I attribute our growing customer base to recommendations given the fact cycling has been embraced beyond basic transport to exercise.Aside from repairing bicycles, I impart mechanic skills on those interested to learn how to fix bicycles. In future, I plan to have a tour club where cycling enthusiasts can tour the country together and advocate for safety and fitness.”

Jeffy Tires
safaricom Tukiuke

Opening Up E-Commerce Through The Delivery Business

“Our journey started back in 2018 as riders trying to make a living in Nairobi. In 2020, we sought to open up digital e-commerce by working with agents, this saw an ease and order in the handling of deliveries which in turn enabled us to control the pricing. By setting up our structures around internet, payment gateways and our physical infrastructure, we have been able to serve our customers better, this has seen a spike of positive reactions from both our agents and clients.”

The story of Pick-up mtaani
safaricom Tukiuke

Umba Creations are crafting Joy , one doll at a time

At Umba creations we are all about core values because core values are the foundation in anyone's life and that’s the message we are putting across in all our products.When my son didn’t have toys to play with, I got this idea of putting an old teddy bear into scotch for about three to four months and I would use it to sing songs and speak to him and it occured to me that I could make such toys and use them to pass messages to other children. That’s how Umba creations was born.

Umba Creations are crafting Joy
safaricom Tukiuke


“It's been 8 to 9 years trying to make a career out of my passion for singing. I saw this beat by Prince Kaybee online and I was like wow! I am going to write a song and it is going to go viral. I couldn’t wait to record the song, when I did, I uploaded it and the reception was amazing. With the internet today, you could be seconds away from a life changing moment, If you believe in yourself. For me, it only took one beat and 2 weeks of song writing!”

Pauline Polaris
safaricom Tukiuke

Bloom where you are planted

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think about is my flowers. I am a flower farmer and you have to admit, I have one of the most beautiful jobs. My journey is driven by passion and partners who enable me to run my farm smoothly. Safaricom has been one of those partners.

Through their products, I’m assured of reliable transactions and constant connectivity to communicate with the people I need to. Flowers bloom through a collaboration of efforts and so does a business

safaricom Tukiuke

The work of your hands is a gift

Going left has always been ingrained in me. As a young boy, I knew that I craved something different. When the flow was chasing circles, I always found myself as the square peg in a round hole. My search for fullfilment led me to glass blowing. This is where I feel most at home, moulding an idea from raw material to finished product.

12 years in, I’m grateful for partners like Safaricom who keep innovating and tailoring products that make this journey a little easier and better

William Gitonga
safaricom Tukiuke

Show them what a woman can do

In a male dominated industry, all eyes are on you. Some waiting for your failure. Some cheering you on. I fell in love with welding and it didn’t matter what everyone else thought. I pulled up my sleeves, zeroed my focus on the goal and everyday is an opportunity to keep doing what I love and doing it better.

Having solutions by Safaricom at my disposal makes life a lot simpler. I have the support I need from my community and the support I need to be there for them as well.

Naomi Mabue
safaricom Tukiuke

If these walls could talk

The moment we pick up our paint brushes or spray cans, the wall becomes our blackboard. We are a group of artists who come together to make good art and tell our communities a thing or two while at it. We hope that as we leave marks around our hoods, we are also leaving positive messages in peoples’ hearts. This is what ku-kiuka means to us. Telling a story one wall at a time. This is how we go beyond

A collective of artists
safaricom Tukiuke

A man and his music

I’ve been in the music scene since 1974. You could say it’s my full time job. Taarab has a place in my heart and through it, we’ve travelled to different parts of the country doing what we love. I’ve always chosen to focus on doing my part, never listening to the noise. I’m a firm believer of hard work, I’ve reaped the benefits. Even with the pandemic, we forge ahead. Better days are coming and they’ll find me doing the best I can. It’s time to go beyond. Twende Tukiuke.

safaricom Tukiuke