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YouTube na 10/-

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mwenyewe na YouTube

What you get for

Ksh 10 per day
Ksh 20 per day
News Clips
Comedy videos
Farming Videos
Learning videos
Gospel Music
Reggae Music
Comedy Clips
News videos
Learning Videos
Farming videos
Gospel Music
Reggae Music
How to get changamkia Youtube bundle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the youtube bundle order? close open
This is a daily youtube bundle that will give you 80MB for Ksh. 10 to access YouTube content.
When will the youtube bundle be available? close open
This product will be available from 15th May 2020 for 90 days. (Until 13th August 2020).
How does it work? close open
  • Dial *544# and select option 5 to subscribe.
  • Get 80MB for free for the first day after which you will be charged Ksh.10 each day.
  • The bundle will auto-renew daily. However, you can unsubscribe by dialling the *544*35#.
  • You can access YouTube using any browser, not just Opera mini.
How can I pay for the YouTube Bundle? close open
Please dial *544# then select option 5 to get the bundle. This bundle can only be bought if you have enough airtime.
Who is eligible to buy the Youtube Bundle? close open
Any Safaricom customer can access the YouTube bundle.
How can I unsubscribe from the bundle? close open
You can unsubscribe by dialling *544*35#.
Can I use my YouTube bundle for other data needs? close open
No. You can only use the YouTube data bundle on YouTube.
Can I purchase the YouTube bundle more than once per day? close open
Yes, you will be allowed to purchase the YouTube bundle as many times as you wish.
Can I sambaza my YouTube bundle? close open
No, you will not be allowed to transfer the YouTube bundle.
Does the YouTube bundle roll-over? close open
No, the YouTube bundle will be valid for 24Hours but will automatically renew itself on the following day.
Can I get more than one trial? close open
No, you will only be allowed to have one free trial. If you opt-out and later subscribe to the YouTube bundle again, you will not have another free trial.