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We have 3200km of Safaricom fibre in 16 towns, access to over 4500km of partner fibre across the country, ensuring you have access to the fastest speeds available.

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  • Safaricom fibre reaches the boundary of the building, such as the basement of a multi-dwelling unit with extensions to selected floors.
  • Fibre technology provides unlimited bandwidth capabilities and offers today’s fastest high-speed data connectivity.
  • Easily scalable to grow with your organization, allowing you to create your own network without investing in your own fibre-optic infrastructure.
  • Gives you access to network growth while maintaining full control and security.

  • Connects your home office to a bold new digital world.
  • Time and cost saving for partner operators.
  • Saves operators from regulatory restrictions of laying similar infrastructure.
  • Access to Kenya’s robust metro fibre, backbone and undersea cable.
  • The best quality of service.

  • Lit fibre and Ducts.
  • Local/international network resource: local loop, terrestrial and submarine cables.
  • Capacity and backhaul.
  • FTTB

Safaricom Fibre allows you to have fast, reliable and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home.

Once you register, you will be given a Wi-Fi router and access to credentials that will enable you to have both Wireless and LAN access, with no installation charges.



We have the widest footprint of tower infrastructure in Kenya; this service is available countrywide...

International Voice

International Voice

We have established extensive partnerships with majority of mobile operators. Through these relation...

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We have 3200km of Safaricom fibre in 16 towns, access to over 4500km of partner fibre across the cou...

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