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Every day Kenyans from all walks of life are changing the status quo. They believe that they can do better, for themselves and for others in their community. Armed with that sentiment and supported by drive and determination they set out to move the world forward in their own small way.

When we work with teams of like-minded driven collaborators, all who add value, we can play an important part in shaping the future. We can overcome the challenges - challenges that many detractors have said could not be overcome, to produce something that is truly innovative.

So what is the Kenyan spirit of #Twaweza? It is so many things but ultimately it is a mindset, one that is continually looking at positive ways to overcome the hurdles of life or to make the next great step towards future breakthroughs. It requires many things – passion, time, effort and people. Get all of those together and you have a start point.

#Twaweza is inspiration, that hard to find magic ingredient that comes without warning. It can come through conversation, talking with like-minded individuals, listening to their tales of failures and success. Collectively learning and being willing to share thoughts, views and aspirations.

#Twaweza brings innovators together, acting as a catalyst to create connections and collaborations across the diverse landscapes of opportunity.

That is #Twaweza, our collective ability to foster a vibrant innovative culture through our efforts and drive. We celebrate our success today and look forward to a brighter future.



Tukiungana yote yawezekana (WHEN WE ALL COME TOGETHER, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE) Twende pamoja na tutafika (LET’S GO TOGETHER, AND WE WILL GET THERE)


Twaweza If we all come together, Hakuna kitatushinda (NOTHING WILL DEFEAT US) Twaweza Sote tukijumuika (IF WE ALL COME TOGETHER) Kilele tutafika (WE’LL REACH THE MOUNTAIN TOP) Twaweza Ni Mimi na wewe pamoja (IT’S YOU AND ME TOGETHER)