Safaricom - 2020 Sustainable Business Report

83 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS OUR STAKEHOLDERS CONCLUDING REMARKS Enhancing KYC through the Jiandikishe App One of the new ways we delivered value to our dealers during the year was the introduction of the Safaricom Jiandikishe App. By making the subscriber registration process simpler, the app makes it easier for dealers to meet their regulatory obligations and collect KYC registrations in the field. The initiative has largely been successful, with 40 per cent of KYC registrations being collected through the app by March 2020. How the app works - The user logs into the app and scans the customer Identification document to pick up the customer KYC. This is verified within the app. The customer then selects a number of their choice. The customer receives a notification message to provide consent for registration if this is an additional line that they are purchasing. The process takes approximately three minutes from start to finish. We further supported dealers by making a subsidised, affordable smartphone available to enable them to take advantage of the app at a greater number of registration points. The MobiGo device has no calling functionalities and, hence, is not susceptible to theft. Payment plans have also been made available, if required. More than 6 000 devices had been purchased by the end of the year. Chanua Biz 3.0 FY20 FY19 No. of direct sales agents participating (dealer tills) 3 276 2 500 No. of retailers participating 41 622 30 000 Value of airtime redeemed (KSh million) 162 316 We enhanced our Chanua Biz promotional campaign for direct sales agents during the year. Dubbed Chanua Biz 3.0, the scheme allows transacting users to earn points, which they can redeem as airtime. Chanua Biz encourages direct sales agents to use M-PESA and Lipa Na M-PESA services to streamline collections and make them cashless. Not carrying cash makes direct sales agents safer in the field by reducing the incidents of theft and lowering insurance costs. As the table notes, the amount redeemed during FY20 was less than the previous year due to budget limitations for Chanua Biz 3.0.