Safaricom - 2020 Sustainable Business Report

77 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS OUR STAKEHOLDERS CONCLUDING REMARKS • We plan to become a zero fatality organisation through a ‘100 per cent home safe’ approach, with four strategic executional priorities, anchored on a risk-based approach and leveraging on the enablers of leadership, behaviour and culture. We will build a positive safety culture through visible safety leadership, the embedding of Health, Safety and Wellness objectives in individual performance objectives, and by rewarding and recognising positive safety behaviour. • We will implement a digital tool to enable contractor oversight and enhance engagement on health and safety. • We will continue to support our staff work safely from home during COVID-19. • We have developed a new business and organisational culture called The Spirit of Safaricom. Looking ahead Our Vision A purpose-led technology company Our Purpose Transforming lives Our Brand Promise Simple. Transparent. Honest. FOR YOU . Our Culture The Spirit of Safaricom is guided by four elements: Our new culture pillars: The Spirit of Safaricom Customer Obsession Belief: Trust Behaviour: We earn customer loyalty Simple, Transparent, Honest We will safeguard you Purpose Belief: Drive Behaviour: We create the future Purpose driven, Transforming lives Collaboration Belief: Belong Behaviour: We get it done, together We treat you like family We will be your life companion Innovation Belief: Curiosity Behaviour: We experiment and learn fast Innovative, Digital solutions driver Our Culture