Safaricom - 2020 Sustainable Business Report

SAFARICOM 2020 | SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS REPORT 60 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS OUR STAKEHOLDERS CONCLUDING REMARKS The ‘For You’ campaign has improved our BC score by seven points and we closed out the year at 70, which suggests that we are slowly winning back customers and their trust. The ‘For You’ campaign also helped stabilise and improve our Consumer NPS by three points, but we still closed the year at 59 and appreciate that we still have work to do. We also revamped all monthly plans to the Safaricom Karibu Postpay proposition as we continue to drive the agenda of bringing in simplicity of products. Within a month of the launch, we had 27 000 new customers on the revamped Postpay bundles (as at 31 March 2020). Our Enterprise NPS remained steady during the year and we are still placed first in Kenya, with a score of 29 at the end of the year. Our challenge is to grow our score and we see automation and streamlining of processes as key to doing so. We have been working hard on automating the sales-to-order phase of the process this year and will launch our new processes in July 2020. We anticipate that the improved efficiency and convenience of the processes will result in an increase in our NPS score in the next financial year. Enterprise customers FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 Total enterprise customers 286 000 180 164 169 000 96 712 Total market share 70% 68% 67% 72% Overall, it was a year of good progress and solid growth. We divide our enterprise customers are into three major groups: Large Enterprises, Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Small Offices-Home Offices (SOHOs). We currently have a presence in over 286 000 enterprise customers, which represents an increase of more than 105 000 customers from the previous year. This growth can be attributed to the acquisition of 21 000 SME and 85 000 SOHO customers. Our continued growth in enterprise customers is the result of a combination of factors. The accelerated rollout of our fibre optic network has allowed us to aggressively acquire both SOHO and SME customers. Likewise, our 4G LTE fixed data internet connectivity for SME customers has seen excellent growth and we closed the year with over 10 000 connections. This was supported by our competitively priced Easy 50GB and 30 GB Data Bundles. We have also maintained our leading position in terms of large enterprise and public sector customers through a combination of aggressive pricing of fixed services and an expanded range of sophisticated solutions that take advantage of our skills in cloud computing, IoT and cyber security. Our powerful offering of end-to-end ICT services has positioned us as the digital services provider of choice for this market segment. Customer engagement The main channels our customers use to engage with us are through our call centre and our IVR and ZURI chatbot self-service options. Our Customer Operations team uses a variety of industry-standard metrics and thresholds to measure and monitor these diverse engagements. Call centre performance FY20 FY19 FY18 FY17 Call answer rate 86% 86% 80% 55% Abandon rate 14% 13% 18% 40% Service level (% of calls answered within 20 seconds 77% 78% 73% 58% Avg. no. of calls answered weekly 99 800 98 815 112 271 92 324 NPS (COPS, overall) 38 59 64 55