Safaricom - 2020 Sustainable Business Report

17 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS OUR STAKEHOLDERS CONCLUDING REMARKS S 18 Safaricom at a glance 19 Our business model 20 Our corporate strategy 28 True value assessment Safaricom PLC (Safaricom) exists to transform lives. Our products and services play a central role in the daily lives of 35.6 million Kenyans. We provide a broad array of products and services based on voice and data telecommunications platforms to subscribers that range from individuals to businesses of all sizes (SME to Enterprise) and the government. We operate solely in Kenya and our headquarters are located at Safaricom House in Nairobi. 1 This section presents a brief overview of the company and the business ecosystem within which we operate. It includes a summary of our strategy, an explanation of how sustainability fits into our strategy, our business model, and an assessment of the total value we have created and allocated during the reporting period. 1 Safaricom has ten subsidiaries, which are 100 per cent held. Safaricom also has 2 associates and 1 joint venture. These relationships are disclosed in the notes of the Annual Financial Statements in our FY20 Annual Report. These subsidiaries are covered by the disclosures made in this report.