Safaricom - 2020 Sustainable Business Report

13 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS OUR STAKEHOLDERS CONCLUDING REMARKS Message from our incoming CEO I am delighted to be joining Safaricom, even at a time when humanity is facing one of the biggest challenges in modern history. While it is a difficult time for all of us, I am encouraged by the commitment I have seen from my colleagues as they find innovative ways to support our customers and the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is revealing how important digital connectivity and tools have become. Amid unprecedented disruption, digital technology is holding the world together. It is helping us to share vital resources and information and to continue working as officials, employees, students and front- line health workers. It is helping us to ensure that supply chains can still function globally, and that we can continue to exchange the goods, services and equipment we need. At the same time, the pandemic is exposing the digital divides and inequalities between us and how vulnerable certain sections of our society remain. It has illuminated the tremendous socio-economic importance of being able to access the internet and the positive impact internet-enabled devices like smartphones have on incomes and the ability of communities to withstand crises like this. Access to the internet is emerging as one of the foundations of sustainable socio-economic empowerment. Becoming a purpose-led technology company As we focus on the next phase of our journey, we remain steadfast not only on our Transforming Lives purpose but also on our vision to be a purpose-led technology company. Through being digital- first and an insight-led organization, our aim is to continue delivering a wide range of products and services designed to present sustainable solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges. Becoming a customer-centric organization Our outgoing CEO, Michael Joseph, has done well in rebuilding customer trust during the year. Customer trust underpins everything else we do. We are unlikely to fulfil our purpose or achieve our sustainable business goals if Kenyans do not trust us and, ultimately, reward us with their loyalty. The truth of this is reflected in the positive results of the customer trust focused ‘For You’ campaign launched by Michael and the team earlier in the reporting period. I would like to congratulate Michael and the team for introducing the ‘For You’ campaign and the strong performance they have achieved this year. I am keen to build on this success and momentum through a fundamental shift in the way we think and approach customer experience across the organization. We