2019 Sustainable Business Report

SAFARICOM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS REPORT 2019 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CONCLUDING REMARKS 62 EDUCATION Projects in which the Safaricom Foundation participated to enable access to quality education included the construction and equipping of classrooms, kitchens, dining halls, latrines, libraries and science laboratories. We contributed to classroom renovations, computer and ICT equipment, autism therapy, manual skills training in electricity, assistive devices for the visually impaired and equipment for differently-abled persons, school learning materials and solar installations. BENEFITING SOCIETY THROUGH OUR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP In the past financial year, we initiated a number of ecological and conservation projects and collaborated with various partners to roll them out in partnership with our Foundations. In June 2018, we completed the KSh 164 million Mau Eburu conservation project, initiated in 2013 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and funded by the M-PESA Foundation. The project involved the construction of a 50-kilometre electric fence and extensive reforestation to resolve persistent human-wildlife conflict and restore parts of the forest degraded by human encroachment. Case Study: Wezesha and Generation in Kenya The Safaricom Foundation Wezesha Programme has partnered with Generation in Kenya to support youth to access entry- level job opportunities. The purpose of this partnership is to equip unemployed youth aged 18 to 35 with the knowledge, skills and tools required to succeed in the workplace, and position them for ongoing personal and professional success. To date, the programme has trained 156 young people on employability skills in the areas of financial services, distribution, sales, customer care and operations, with 99 receiving placements before completion of the training. Our targeted number of youngsters for this programme is 400. Testimonials “A friend invited me to the Blaze BYOB event at Kisumu Show Ground, and I later registered for the Financial Services Sales programme. Amazingly, after the training, I did not have to look for a job, since employers were waiting for me. I never knew I would have such a skill, especially in selling insurance.” - Eve, now employed at Pioneer Insurance “I benefited richly from Generation in Kenya, acquiring customer care skills, confidence and a desire to succeed in all I do. These have helped me to start a shop, where I employ two people, while still working for Post Bank. I believe that I can pass on skills to my staff to help them. I have been rewarded multiple times by my employer for my good performance at work.” - Henry, now employed at Post Bank