2019 Sustainable Business Report

SAFARICOM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS REPORT 2019 INTRODUCTION OUR BUSINESS OUR MATERIAL TOPICS STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT CONCLUDING REMARKS 60 Daily distinct user base grew by: ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS Enterprise Customers FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 Total enterprise customers 180,164 169,000 96,712 84,000 Total market share 68% 67% 72% 65% Enterprise market share by segment FY19 FY18 FY17 FY16 Large enterprises (public and private sector) 99% 99% 99% 99% SMEs 14% 23% 20% 13% SOHOs 9% 11% 11% 5% Total market share (% customer) 68% 67% 72% 65% ENGAGEMENT WITH OUR CUSTOMERS In the last quarter of FY19, our Customer Operations Department was redesigned and some roles were redeployed. The resulting efficiencies cut across retail channels and the call centre, allowing employees to work together in allocating and aligning resources where they are most needed. Customers, especially the youth demographic, are increasingly taking up our self-service options, choosing to use digital channels rather than phone customer care. Case study: The Social Media Team The social media team was established in 2011 as a small team of 25 and since has grown to 130 agents, at least 60 of whom are available daily. The team comprises a youthful mix of individuals who reach an average of 5,000 customers daily via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The social media team’s priority is to give excellent service in the shortest time possible and we have maintained this over the years. Our response time and resolution management performance have become industry benchmarks, earning us several awards. During the most recent Customer Service Week, which runs the first full week in October each year, our focus was to encourage our customers to engage with Zuri and use the MySafaricom app for self-service. The response was very positive; our customers are happy to have more self-service solutions. This year we also launched our Facebook Live channel, where we interact with customers to promote products and services. The broadcasts help with customer education and encourage instant feedback. 40,000 Eldoret Call Centre 87% 82% Average calls answered daily Call answer rate Calls answered within 20 secs Interactive voice recognition (IVR) An automated telephony system technology that interacts and provides self-service support to customers. Use grew in FY19 by 83% , from 47,000 to 86,000 daily interactions. 200% Zuri AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot, enables mobile data users to perform tasks, saving on costs and driving efficiencies. 71% MySafaricom App growth in downloads for FY19 from 2.1 million to 3.6 million 215% enrolment growth for Jitambulishe voice biometric verification system: 476,000 to 1.5 million customers Weekly average calls answered increased 27% after ECC & Zuri AI came onboard: 107k out of 121k calls received