• Regulators

Our services play an important, and occasionally critical, role in the daily lives of over 28 million Kenyans.

As a result, our regulators expect us to provide these services in a reasonable, responsible, ethical and environmentally sensitive manner, providing customers with adequate information and support to access and enjoy our services, while respecting their rights.

Our regulators also require us to compete for business fairly and to play our part in helping to empower and transform the lives of Kenyans through innovation and investment.


We are overseen by eight regulatory authorities and our chief regulator is the Communications Authority (CA), which is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. The purpose of the CA is to ensure the people of Kenya receive the best possible services from communications providers. This responsibility requires making sure that there is adequate, healthy competition among providers, and that the public are protected from misleading or unscrupulous business practices. We engage with the CA on issues such as Quality of Service (QoS) measurements, SIM Registration Regulations, ICT sector regulations and the Universal Service Fund (USF).


On a regular, ongoing basis, we deliver value to our regulators by complying with the obligations they have given us and through communicating and engaging with them on the issues that arise. In response to the SDG strategy, we now ensure that all collaborations and discussions with regulatory bodies support the creation and expansion of resilient infrastructure development in Kenya, based on inclusive, sustainable models that foster innovation.

Some of the specific issues on which we have engaged our regulators during the reporting period include the Network Redundancy, Resilience and Diversity (NRRD) guidelines and regulations for ICT networks, the new National ICT Policy, how best to monitor and eliminate the use of counterfeit handsets and discussions around the proposed Infrastructure Sharing Regulations.

Looking Ahead


  • We will continue to engage government and the CA on the ongoing initiatives highlighted in this report.
  • We will ensure that the USF project is executed as per the contract awarded in all the allocated sites across the country.
  • We plan to entrench air quality emission compliance in our BTS  and MSRs (as per gazetted air quality regulations).
  • Regulatory compliance will remain an area of focus in the year ahead and we intend to continue with company-wide regulatory awareness initiatives begun in FY16/17.
  • Organise more forums with residents’ associations and the public to create awareness of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and to address Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) concerns.