• Our Approach

We consider our stakeholders to be the individuals, communities and organisations that are most affected by, or most likely to influence, our business. In this section, we describe each category of stakeholder, the nature of our relationship with them, and how we have delivered value to them during the year.

Listening to our stakeholders and learning from them is of vital importance to us. We employ a variety of informal and formal methods to gather and exchange information with our stakeholders, and we tailor our engagement processes to suit each different stakeholder group. The insights we gain through these exchanges are fed directly into our decision-making processes and inform the sustainability strategies and priorities of the organisation.


We are delighted to report that our total customer base grew by 11.8% during the year to 28.12 million customers in total. Our broad customer base encompasses the full spectrum of individuals and organisations across Kenya.


We are committed to being a world-class employer of choice and take our responsibility to maintain a productive, supportive and safe working environment seriously.


Our business partners include suppliers, dealers and agents. We rely heavily on our partners from both an operational perspective and in terms of our reputation as they are our interface with many of our other important stakeholders.


Our shareholders expect us to remain a high-performing company that balances delivering consistent and sustainable financial returns against ethical and environmentally responsible operation.


We consider our society to be, first and foremost, the Kenyan people and then the broader regional and global community in which we operate. We take pride in being a responsible corporate member of Kenyan society.


We are overseen by eight regulatory authorities and our chief regulator is the Communications Authority (CA), which is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. The purpose of the CA is to ensure the people of Kenya receive the best possible services from communications providers.


The media play an important role in society through providing a platform for discussion and debate. They are also an important stakeholder of ours as they provide us with a channel through which we can communicate with our other stakeholders, such as our customers.