AQTap ‘Water ATMs’

A partnership with Ericsson and Grundfos AQTap systems, this programme offers communities in remote areas access to affordable, clean water. Customers are issued with free water payment cards, which they can use to purchase water at their convenience. A small fee covers the cost of pumping the water and maintaining the system.


To date, 37 AQTaps have been donated to communities in Eastern parts of Kenya and the Rift Valley, such as Makindu and Nakuru, and more than 23,113 transactions, valued at just under KES 3.2 million, have been completed.

Instant Network Schools (INS)

The INS programme transforms a basic classroom into a digital learning hub by providing each class of teachers and students with 25 tablets, a laptop, a projector and speaker; free internet connectivity and Wi-Fi; localised mobile content and a robust teacher training programme.


The INS programme currently benefits over 41,844 students in refugee camps from all over the East Africa region. The current target is to increase the number of students benefitting to 63,000 during FY18.

Telemedicine and Digital Clinics

A collaboration with the Government of Kenya and Huawei, this project improves access to healthcare services in rural and remote communities. Local clinics can communicate with medical specialists through video-conferencing so that patients no longer need to travel to distant facilities for diagnosis or treatment.


Over 200,000 residents on Lamu Island will benefit from the collaboration through not having to travel long distances to obtain expert medical assistance and plans are in place to expand the scope of this project to other areas outside Lamu.

DigiFarm and Connected Farmer

DigiFarm offers smallholding farmers access to a suite of information and financial services, including discounted products, customised information on farming best practices, and access to credit and other financial facilities. Connected Farmer helps Agribusinesses and small holding farmers share information and transact.


A successful pilot was held during the year. Expected to register 10,000 farmers for the pilot, but received 74,000 registrations (33,000 within the first month) and trial completed with just under 19,000 active users. We intend to scale further in the year ahead. About eight Agribusinesses and over 50,000 farmers have registered on the Connected Farmer platform.


M-TIBA is a health payment application or ‘e-wallet’ that enables low income earners to save towards their healthcare expenses and helps donors to target funds accurately and confidently.


Rapid growth since national launch in September 2016. The application now has over 465,000 active users, who have made deposits of over KES 7.3 million and can now access healthcare at 375 accredited facilities.