• How sustainability fits into our strategy

Our sustainability strategy stems from our commitment to responsible, ethical behaviour in everything that we do and our core values of ‘speed’, ‘simplicity’ and ‘trust’. Our goal remains that of ‘transforming lives’ and this purpose statement permeates every decision made by the company, encouraging us to push beyond traditional commercial boundaries in order to have a positive impact on society as a whole and driving us towards an ever more sustainable and responsible way of doing business. Our approach to sustainability is based on our determination to manage and grow a safe, efficient and profitable business. We recognise that our business practices today must be designed to create and shape a sustainable tomorrow. We are committed to responsibly managing the economic, social and environmental impact we have on the communities and landscapes that surround and support us. We believe that each one of our three new strategic objectives — ‘Customer First’, ‘Relevant Products’ and ‘Operational Excellence’ — has the potential to deliver meaningful, sustainable socioeconomic benefits to society in general, as well as to our customers.


Ultimate accountability for sustainability within Safaricom lies with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bob Collymore. He is the sustainability champion on the Board of Directors and presents all sustainability related considerations to the Board. Our Director of Corporate Affairs reports directly to the CEO and provides him with regular updates on the sustainability process so he can feed these into updates to the Board. While sustainability is considered the responsibility of EXCO within Safaricom, the Director of Corporate Affairs is the focal point for the implementation of our sustainability strategy. EXCO is assisted by a team of Sustainability Champions. The Champions represent every division within the business and we have a total of around 30 colleagues who work with sustainability as one of their core tasks.


Sustainability is embedded within the daily operations of Safaricom using a ‘top-down, bottom-up’ cocreation approach. This approach was adopted because it is a fl exible, inclusive one that draws on the strengths of both the managerial and operational levels within the company. EXCO and the team of Sustainability Champions work simultaneously and in parallel to articulate sustainability requirements in a way that makes sense and is relevant to each Division. This approach entails extensive, ongoing consultations and conversations at all levels and functions across the company, but ensures that colleagues at every level embrace, understand and take ownership for sustainability.