Who are our regulators?

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya. Established in 1999, the purpose of the CA is to ensure the people of Kenya receive the best possible services from communications providers. This responsibility requires making sure that there is adequate, healthy competition among providers, and that the public are protected from misleading or unscrupulous business practices. Among its duties, the CA licenses all communications systems and services, allocates and manages the frequency spectrum of the country, sets tariffs and monitors the activities and performance of licensees.

Other primary regulators of ours include:


Authority of Kenya
The CAK works to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the economy as a whole.
  • Trade practices
  • Consumer issues
Central Bank of
The CBK seeks to promote and maintain a stable, efficient financial system that serves the economy and the people of Kenya.
  • Mobile money transfer services (M-Pesa
Kenya Revenue
The KRA is responsible for the efficient assessment and collection of revenue (taxes) on behalf of the government.
  • Taxation

National Environment Management AuthorityNEMA is mandated to ensure the natural resources and environment of Kenya are managed in a sustainable manner.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • E-waste managementEnergy management regulations
Betting Control and Licensing BoardThe BCLB seeks to promote reasonable, legal and sustainable gambling activities in Kenya and authorises lotteries and prize competitions.
  • Safaricom promotions
Kenya Civil
Aviation Authority
The KCAA is responsible for the safety and management of the Kenyan airspace.
  • Site acquisitions
  • Construction of BaseTransceiver Stations
Capital Markets
The CMA protects the interests of investors and publicly-listed companies through licensing and supervising the capital markets industry.
  • Corporate Governance