Network Quality

Our network is core to our business. The quality and availability of our network is an essential part of our business since all of the services we provide to our customers are delivered through the network platform. Our network allows us to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market and is the medium through which we transform lives. It is also a dynamic environment that constantly evolves as we keep up with growth, both in terms of number of customers (e.g. volume of traffic) and their increasingly sophisticated needs.


Performance highlights:

Network Coverage

performance highlights

Network energy failure rate*

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We are excited about the shift in strategy next year towards becoming an even more customer-centric organisation. The Best Network in Kenya programme is being revamped and renamed the Best Network for You (BNU) in FY16 and our focus will shift to delivering an experience that is even more tailored to the specific needs and requirements of individual customers. We will still continue to measure our network quality through the independent P3 benchmark and have set ourselves the target of improving our score by at least 50%. Another key metric we will use to measure our BNU performance is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which will allow us to monitor whether our customers are experiencing the improvements we make to the network. Other network quality targets for the year ahead include: increasing 3G coverage to reach 80% of our customers; expanding our fibre footprint to a further 10 towns and connecting our fibre network to all 1,020 targeted enterprise buildings and to 8,000 residential homes in
50 housing estates; and upgrading our 4G services to include voice calls.
From a network availability perspective, our major targets for the year include: finalising and publishing our energy baseline; concluding our negotiations with suppliers and putting long-term contracts (three years or longer) in place; and co-investing in rural communities to share our surplus energy. We are very excited about this last commitment as it will help us to make a real difference in rural communities and to meet our mandate to transform lives. We have been reviewing proposals and our budgets to identify viable opportunities and we will start rolling these out in the coming year, such as helping to power remote clinics and providing community ‘power points’.
Energy data capture still remains a challenge and this affects the accuracy of our consumption and carbon emissions. We shall continue with the installation of Automatic Meter Readers in our network throughout the country to improve data quality.
Despite the availability of renewable energy sources and encouraging policies, potential project developers in Kenya face many challenges, including complex regulatory requirements. There is still room for reduction on taxes and duties on green energy equipment and more incentives for investors in green energy.